Red Shirt Program

You are probably here because you want to pvp but think you lack the skills or experience to do it right. Every pilot wants to explode other ships; no pilot wants their own ship to explode. Unfortunately, these two desires conflict. Often the conflict stands in the way of new pilots becoming involved in some form of pvp. The Red Shirt program is designed to override the conflict by giving you a ship that you should expect to explode.

One of our Yellow Shirts will set you up with a frigate of your chosen race and enough ammunition to get into trouble. The ships have been designed with low skill levels in mind, but there are a few requirements:

  • A frigate skill (every avatar is born with one of these)
  • A weapon skill related to your chosen frigate (i.e. small hybrids for a Merlin)
  • Propulsion Jamming (any level)
  • Engineering and Electronics to at least III (IV for selected fits)
  • Afterburner or High Speed Manuevering (depending on the fit)

You will be shown the fit before being issued a ship and you should check that you meet the skill requirements for that ship; if not, you’ll need to select a different ship or adapt the fit.

The frigates are optimized for low skill levels, meaning they are not likely to let you succeed against a good pilot who has a lot of combat experience. For best results they should be flown with at least one wingmate (the Yellow Shirt who brought you into the program).

You may not make any kills. You may not consider this a win. Just don’t consider it a loss.

Pre-flight checklist

  • Understand the safety mechanism on the heads up display and ensure it is set correctly.
  • Have a properly configured overview. You don’t need to do everything this tutorial suggests, but it’s a good starting point for understanding the overview.
  • Be familiar with the directional scanner for finding targets. If you are not, ask.
  • Understand how to activate modules.
  • Have a working communications mechanism (you will probably be invited to Mumble.

Rules of engagement

  • Do not shoot fleet members
  • Catch capsules with your propulsion jamming module, but do not shoot unless permission is given (this is how we make isk)
  • If a pilot pays you a ransom, you must honor it (or you will be next and you’ll lose any good will you had)
  • If a one-on-one is agreed upon at any time, you must honor it
  • Keep any local conversations civil; don’t smack talk, you’ll regret it one way or another



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