Who am I?

I’ve been playing EVE for nearly two years (brief history here). For the most part I’m very happy with the game (or I wouldn’t be playing it), but there is always room for improvement. I feel I’m in a great position to take ideas from the player base to CCP as part of the CSM.

I spend most of my time in low-security space; I’m happy there. There is danger lurking around every corner, but not the certain death an unaffiliated pilot might find in null-security space. I have opinions on just about every aspect of EVE, but I realize that my opinions aren’t the only thoughts that count.

If you’d like to get a feel for some of my opinions, feel free to browse my blog; though I’ve only been writing for a couple of months now, I’ve put out a fair number of my opinions. I think my viewpoint is best summed up by saying I’d like the game to make sense (intuitive) without dropping the fun factor.

If you linked to this page through vote match (thanks again Diedra Vaal for your efforts on behalf of the CSM process), you might just be interested in why I gave the answers I did; if that’s the case, go to this blog entry which will tell you just that.

My platform in bullet points

At the end of the day, the CSM is not really here to push their own agenda — they must look to the player base and make sure that what they’re bringing to CCP is what the player base as a whole wants. But, it’s still useful to know what my opinions are, so here are some bullet points regarding my opinion on some of the more divisive issues which have been discussed around the Assembly Hall and among EVE players in general:

  • I’m for changing criminality so there is less dependence on outside resources (alts) and we see criminals even when they’re not victimizing other players. I like criminals — because I can shoot them.
  • I would like to see new attractions in low-security space; one thought on how to do this is to add level 1 through 3 pirate faction agents to low-security space — there are other ideas and I want to hear them.
  • I support the removal of local (or delayed mode as in wormhole space) in low-security and null-security space as long as there is some kind of new intelligence tool to replicate the parts of it that make sense; meaning, I think you should be able to tell when non-cloaked ships are about without smacking the directional scanner every few seconds, but I don’t think you should know the pilot’s name, his entire corporation history and have looked up his killboard stats by the time his gate cloak has worn off.
  • I support adding the ability to anchor ships (specifically super-capitals, but why not all of them?) and potentially password protect them.
  • I support the reduction of insurance payouts for battleships; these should not be the most common “cheap” ship in null-security space and they shouldn’t be practically free to throw away to a CONCORD reprisal in high-security space. This is not to say that I think suicide ganking should be removed from the game — it should just have consequences, like the rest of EVE.
  • There is nothing wrong with a pilot cloaking in your space and walking away for the rest of the day. If there was no local, you would never see that pilot and there would be no need to fear.
  • I’d like to see major revisions to the way the bounty system and kill rights work; for a start, I’d like to see a market for kill rights so that a player who got ganked can either sell the kill rights to make a profit, or contract the kill rights to a bounty hunter with a condition that the kill rights are used.
  • I’m glad to see CCP working on station games, but I’m not sure I like their proposal.
  • Grand fleet fights, always featured in EVE’s trailers, need a little help (more description of what I think the problem is later on this page).

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to eve-mail me (paritybit).

Thoughts on epic fleet combat

I have a vision of EVE.

My vision of EVE is like the trailers. A handful of large capital ships flash into view; these behemoths are followed by a larger number of battleships and an even greater number of support craft. The capital ships and battleships begin slugging it out while support craft swarm through the mass engaging each other when convenient.

EVE does not live up to that vision.

Instead you have a clump of capital ships and battleships which are engaging the enemy fleet one ship at a time as if they were soldiers in a queue waiting to get knocked down one at a time. One or two people are making decisions and everyone else is following orders — there’s no room for heroism or tactical decision making from small unit leaders. The support fleet may operate differently, depending on what the overall leadership allows, but in my experience it’s been pretty similar.

This reality deters a lot of players from participating directly in the grand strategy of politics.


Something should be done about all of the issues facing New Eden; do I know what that something is? I have some ideas, but the rest of the EVE population is the real untapped resource here. Not everybody wants to play on the forums all day or read blogs — they want to play the game — but that doesn’t mean they don’t have great ideas. The CSM needs to work to bring these ideas to the table.

7 Responses to “Campaign”

  1. […] made a big deal about it because that’s not what this blog is about for me. I do have a page devoted to my platform, but by and large this is about my experiences in EVE and the mechanics […]

  2. You have my vote dude! great explanation of your views on all the points, and you are representing the two issues I think need the most addressing: the use of local to detect presence and bounty hunter love.

    I like your take on the other points. Good luck for the vote, but you got mine!

    Now, I want to offer some ideas to your own reflexions

    Removing local as a detection mechanism:
    imho, local should be like it is in WH everywhere.
    Now, I think the directional scanner should be available to be put on by the pilot, at the expense of some capacitor cost, and alarm horns should blare when a ship comes within 14 Au of the scanning ship. the default passive directional scanning would just do a passive 360 degrees sweep every two seconds automatically. it could also be turned off, or manual. manual would allow more precise pinpointing like it does now.
    Only the ship type should be identified, possibly the corp to which this ship is registered, but not the pilot name and all that crap giving access to all info all the time..

    Bounty Hunter love:
    Bounty hunting need to be a viable profession, and not one that is perverted by being killed by friends, alt and such.
    A player that has a bounty on him should have to pay 1% of his bounty value every time he docks up somewhere. This would be the cost of greasing palms and such to remain incognito in the station.
    Bounty hunter would register to hunt specific quarries, paying themselves 1% of the current bounty on their chosen quarry to the authorities, in exchange for getting the following: having their quarry flashing red like an outlaw to the bounty hunter (and vice versa, the hunted would see the hunter red too), and receiving info on their quarry location whenever he or she does not pay the 1% cost of remaining incognito when docking somewhere.

    You couldn’t put a bounty or take a hunting license for a pilot in your corporation or alliance, and a character with a bounty could only change corp by paying the total amount of the bounty currently on him or her to the authorities (i.e. money lost, not transferred).

    These plus the 1% cost to dock would prevent people from putting bounty on characters just for the fun of it as it would have consequences to the character himself.

    Killing a quarry would net to the bounty hunter the value of the bounty, and would reduce the total bounty on that character by 10%. Anybody with a license on a pilto with a bounty would receive information about their current bounty value (even when it goes up), and can request a refund of their 1% license cost against that pilot if they estimate the cost of hunting this specific target is not worth it anymore.

    Last but not least, pilots would not be able to take a license on someone they have themselves put a bounty on. Bounty hunters can not have a stack in the bunty that was set.

    here you go, hope these ides help advance the sisues.

    Last but not least, I’d like to point out an idea done by the guy from hydrostatic capsule that I realy believe would go a long way to favors manuevers in smaller groups rather than in blobs.. please take a look at this entry at

    Thanks and good luck!

    • One thing I forgot is that a player with a bounty on him, after being killed at least once by a licensed hunter, would have the option to pay off his bounty value by paying twice as much to the authorities. Each licensed hunter would then receive half of the sum paid by the pilot with the bounty divided by their number.
      It’s important to allow a character with a bounty to pay off his “debt” after being killed once.

    • Thanks for the support.

      I’ve read Cailais’ entry; I liked it. He’s got a great blog and I am a regular reader.

      I’m interested in the basic outline you’ve suggested but I’m still trying to parse the numbers in my head. I’m trying to think of it in slightly more generic terms without specific numbers attached; I think proposing a general solution while leaving the specifics up to CCP is what the CSM is all about. After all, even if you don’t like everything they’ve done, you have to admit most of it has turned out pretty well (or we wouldn’t be here, in my blog, reading my stuff).

  3. I could completely support the no local in low/nul sec with one exemption. The Ability to view who is outside a station. Im Makes no sense to me that you can look out a window or pop up a holo viewer and look at what is directly outside the station your docked in.

    • I agree with the principle you’re suggesting, but I’m not sure that some form of viewing the grid around a station from inside it would be a lot of help. I’ve written previously around this topic (not directly about it) and I think the best solution is to ensure that all stations spit you out within docking range rather than outside of it.

      If you could see what was there, it’s still possible, during the 10 seconds of session change where you see nothing, for someone new to arrive. It would also just cause people to learn how to tackle with stealth bombers which have no locking delay on uncloak.

      My longer opinion on docking games and the solution proposed at the last CSM meeting in Iceland is here.

  4. Iam glad to see that your bullet points are almost completly coincide with my views.
    I`ve alredy made some isks by bounty hunting and it will be great if new improvements of the “kill rights” system will allow BountyHunting to be a normal profession. It is easy to create “kill-rights” market and option to hand over a kill-right from one pilot to another. Idea of “removal of local” and closely using direct scan is good too.
    Few of such improvements can be done in short time and others (like “normal” fleet fight) will take more but i think you are on the right way and i vote for u.

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