I’m a husband, a father of one and a full-time software engineer.  Somehow I still find time to play a few games, do some hobby game engineering and write once in a while.

My current game of choice is EVE Online; I’m not an internet spaceship pilot, but I play one online.

I’m an open source fan, object oriented architecture enthusiast and a semi-colon evangelist (for writing prose, but not necessarily for coding).

Pian Shu

This is my primary EVE character; he’s the one I am logged in with most of the time and has been alive the longest (so, has the most skillpoints, can do more ‘stuff’, etc).


This was my gamer persona, and I took it on when I realized that there are actually multiple players in a massively multi-player game. You say ‘duh’, but EVE is my first MMO and so I was a little slow on the uptake.

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