Exploratory Thoughts

Exploratory Thought 1: Bumping is a ridiculously stupid mechanic.

Exploratory Thought 2: If the Titan continues to appear as the pinnacle of a combat player’s career, everyone will continue to want one and super-capital proliferation will continue.

Exploratory Thought 3: People build lists of Titan pilots; if they weren’t always in their Titan, we’d actually have to locate them in space to know what they were flying.

Exploratory Thought 4: Consequences even for criminals; strange thoughts indeed.

Exploratory Thought 5: There is nothing wrong with alts, but why encourage their use?

Exploratory Thought 6: More PvP is always a good thing.

Exploratory Thought 7: Punishment of players should be in the hands of players whenever possible; not because players are better at it — they aren’t — but because it’s more fun.

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