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I was reading a post on the forums suggesting that CCP should create an “official” killboard. As I read through the points and counterpoints I kept thinking that there are reasons a player may not want an official killboard where losses and statistics were completely accurate. And as that thought ran through my mind I realized I didn’t really care at all about such a killboard, internally I was actually more concerned about the ability to instantly know everything about a character who was in the same system as me.

I haven’t written much lately, but those who follow me or have followed in the past know that I primarily fly in low-security space. So my opinion is logically tainted by that perspective. When I jump into a new system, the local chat gives me most of the information I need to determine if I’ll find a real fight, a quick kill or a swift death — especially if I’m familiar with the area and the locals.


How is this at all interesting, fun or engaging?

Having this much information available instantly makes the game about double-clicking on a player and extracting the useful information (age, corporate affiliation and security status). Once you have those basics you probably know whether you want to try to generate a fight or not. If not, all you need to do is hop over to eve-kill and lookup the player by name to examine kill statistics. With this information it’s usually trivial to determine whether that Punisher on scan is going to be combat fit or evasion fit (hint: it’s evasion fit).

I don’t care if CCP institute an “official” killboard; but local chat as a one-stop shop has to go.

~ by paritybit on 2014/05/30.

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