A condemnation of character

Disclaimer: Just so nobody freaks out, I do not think that Rixx Javix, Logan Fyreite or any other player is a “bad person” in the real world just because they may play an amoral bastard capsuleer in game. That would be silly.

Rixx Javix (the player) hit upon an interesting issue when he published a blog post regarding the criminality of Rixx Javix (the pod pilot). The view was quickly rebutted by Logan Fyreite (the player and pod pilot) on his blog. And then countered by Rixx (the pod pilot).

Whether or not Rixx Javix (the pod pilot) is a criminal is unimportant to paritybit (the pod pilot). Clearly Rixx’s actions place him amongst the enemies of humanity. He believes himself above human morality. Many pod pilots believe human values no longer apply because they have capability far beyond ‘normal’ humans. The truth value here is subjective.

Rixx has no regard for human life. He has no regard for the property of others. He cares only for destruction; that destruction causes loss of both life and property. He has no purpose higher than the birth -> death -> re-birth cycle and somehow sees this as outside the realm of human influence.

He is wrong. Without humanity’s technology, he would never have ascended to pod pilot. Without human hands and human-built machinery, he would have no fresh body to wake up in when another capsuleer extinguishes the spark from his current body with a flare of autocannon fire. Without human station dwellers supporting the station services he would have no repairs available when he recklessly allows his heavy interdictor to sit under station guns for too long while the crew inside fights for their very survival.

His mental instability is quite probably the fault of the empire that spawned him and gave him the ability to use a hydrostatic capsule. Perhaps some fault lies with CONCORD who fails to extend its reach to halt his deadly joy ride. Perhaps the amoral corporations that accept his ISK in return for clone services are to blame for his continued existence. But no matter what created or perpetuated his existence, the fact remains that he is a sociopath — caring only for himself and his chosen companions and caring not for the bulk of humanity.

Perhaps paritybit is no better. But at least paritybit understands that when he violates human morality it is to serve the cause of humanity. The empires, the criminals, the opportunists, they all must fall for humanity to thrive – sometimes this is at the expense of human life.


~ by paritybit on 2011/08/25.

4 Responses to “A condemnation of character”

  1. I knew it! Parity secretly wants everyone in RK to die!

    I think the probability directive you link might not sync up well with the stated goals of Stimulus or Rote Kapelle.

    In a larger, and less tongue in cheek manner, I’d say you are right that at the very least, as I said in my post, we are all criminals to some degree, and it seems sociopaths as well (in game).

    • I think the Probabiliy Directive’s charter lines up nicely with Rote Kapelle. I haven’t read anything from Stimulus because really the RP roots seem to have dried up completely there (and I don’t know where the reading material might be), but this is taken directly from the RK home page:

      “We have torn the veil that blinds the common man to the truth: the truth that, be it empire or the very fringes of known space, a tyrant is a tyrant”

      and later:

      “Every day our numbers swell with podders and freebirths alike. The family man and the pirate, the bureaucrat and the politician, all walks of life flock to our banners. The disillusioned, they came to seek the truth. They came to seek freedom, to escape from the oppression of the oligarchies that demand that we all submit. When you are finished cowering in fear or grow sick of turning a blind eye to the system, the day when you are ready to stop fighting for a system that only feeds on your blood, join the revolution. We will never tire. We will never surrender.”

      If you read the meaning and not the words, I think you’ll find similar sentiment in the manifesto. Rote Kapelle spends its time destroying capsuleers who needlessly risk the lives of others for unshared profit, which is a directly stated goal of the Probability Directive.

      It all amounts to an eloquent RP excuse to PvP with everyone.

  2. I’ll be wrapping the current saga up tomorrow. But you raise interesting points here, as have others. My goal was to use Rixx as an example in order to get us all thinking about the core underlying fault within New Eden. Hence the battle between me (USER) and my own morality and that of Rixx (character) and his own actions.

    You also suffer from this. You state defense of the very institutions that allow Rixx to continue, as justification for the very same acts deemed ‘criminal’ by those institutions. Hypocritical? At the very core.

    We are all murders, criminals, and no matter the justification for such actions – honor, religion, whatever – we are all guilty of mass genocide.

    Mass genocide condoned by the Empires, Factions, Corporations and other institutions that run New Eden. Condoned and supported and encouraged – mostly for power and profit.

    If Rixx is a sociopath, it is only because his eyes have been opened to this fundamental flaw. And right now, I am struggling to make sense of it, for his sake and for mine.

    • As I said, paritybit doesn’t care that you are considered a criminal. Criminality in the eyes of these institutions isn’t a concern. The issue is throwing away human lives with no cause but selfishness whether for pleasure, profit or some other form of personal gain and whether it’s simply letting your own crew be slaughtered or doing the slaughtering.

      I don’t think you understand what paritybit is about here. When he (I) says humanity, what he (I) mean is humans, not the institutions they have developed (CONCORD, the four empires, pirate groups, corporations). They’ve facilitated the rise of capsuleers. They are to blame as much as anyone and they must be destroyed as well. But it’s better to start with those who are the most ruthless and make no excuses: capsuleers. The institutions have ceased to represent humanity and have become about power, wealth and other base qualities.

      While there may be some hypocrisy present, it’s not as you make it out to be.

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