Public Service Announcement: Medical Clone

I logged in Saturday night to see one of my corpmates heading out on a short roam in a Federation Navy Comet. I quickly joined him with a Taranis and a third member joined up with an Imperial Navy Slicer. The three of us headed down to a small dead-end cluster of stars behind 35-RK9 as a single point of entry or exit.

We bypassed a small battlecruiser and recon gang as we entered the cluster even though we knew it was likely they would stay around to camp us in. Two of us groped around fruitlessly for targets in the cluster while the third kept eyes on the gang in XS-XAY — primarily because he separated from us during our manuevers. During that time the gang had grown and now included a Rapier and a Flycatcher (which was of particular concern). As we lingered, the gang moved out of XS-XAY and our third member joined us in the hunt for targets.

When we were ready to leave, we assumed the gang was still waiting for us. Since I was in the least expensive ship, my ‘friends’ elected me to scout us out of the cluster — meaning I would hit any potential remnant of the camp first. As I was in a Taranis, I figured it was no big deal — if I hit the camp I would just re-approach the gate and get out of danger. The camp had doubled in size by this point and it didn’t quite work that way. I’m guessing somebody was remote sensor boosting the Hurricane pilot because none of the other ships appeared on that mail though there was a Dramiel, Malediction and Flycatcher on my pod loss mail.

They blew up my ship and squished my pod — which brings me to the point of the story: I woke up in a clone in Y-DW5K, Curse. I am very careful to never let my clone get out of date for skill points but I seem to have forgotten to put it somewhere convenient after our last trip to Curse. So now I was stuck smack in the middle of Curse; 14 jumps from Sendaya (through Heaven which is usually the most violent constellation of Curse) or 16 jumps from Keberz (going through HED-GP, which has been topping Dotlan’s most violent null-sec systems lately). And all I had in my possession is an Impairor; a spawned Impairor fits no speed module. Alternatively, I could pay to move my medical clone somewhere convenient and self destruct my pod to get there almost instantly. Great set of choices.
Clones with a few years worth of skill points start to get pretty spendy and I’m cheap. So I figured I’d at least try to get the clone out. In the worst case I would just wake up in a new clone near home where I had just moved it. I picked Sendaya because the route is a couple jumps shorter. Immediately upon undocking a fine gentleman relieved me of my Impairor.

I figured I didn’t have much chance without any kind of shell around my pod, but I resolved to give it a try. I have a variety of tactical bookmarks throughout Curse, though the collection is far from complete. I only landed in a bubble once — it took me a full minute to ‘burn’ to the gate with a dozen neutrals in system. I passed a couple of Hurricane’s in another system. And in a third system I landed on gate from a tactical while two pursuing Claws landed in a pull bubble.

I made it out to Sendaya and only had 34 more jumps until I was back home.

The moral of the story is that if you’re undocking, don’t forget to check both that you have the right level of clone and that your clone is somewhere you would want to wake up after your old body meets cold, hard vacuum.


~ by paritybit on 2011/08/08.

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