Customer appreciation day

Foreword: Recently, an entire order of Warp Scrambler II modules was purchased by a single character in a 28-man corporation. I had been trying to determine whether these were purchased as part of a market manipulation attempt (there are several Warp Scrambler II sell orders in the region for over a billion isk a unit) or simply a stockpile to use. In the end, it doesn’t matter much to me as I generally don’t put my entire stock for sale at one time.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your recent bulk purchase of Warp Scrambler II modules. We, at the Probability Directive, pride ourselves on our ability to offer high-quality modules designed to maximize loss of capsuleer property. We sincerely hope that you are happy with your purchase.

As a reminder, the Probability Directive also sells Warp Disruptor II and Stasis Webifier II modules. This product line will soon be augmented by Ares and Taranis class interceptors. Should you wish to make another bulk purchase in the near future, please contact me directly — I’m sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement without the hassle of taxes and fees.

We are seeking success stories to share with potential customers. If you have had success with the equipment purchased from us, we would appreciate a quick note. You would be compensated should we choose to use your story in our marketing materials.

The Probability Directive is relentless in its pursuit of complete customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is central to this strategy; if you are willing to help us serve you better, please fill out the attached customer survey.

Clever Innuendo
Senior Directory of Product Marketing
Probability Directive

Please select the option(s) which best describes the reason for your purchase:
[ ] Reseller or redistributor
[ ] Wartime stockpile
[ ] Piratical intent
[ ] Market manipulation

Please rate your level of satisfaction with the purchased modules:
[ ] Extremely satisfied
[ ] Satisfied
[ ] Somewhat satisfied
[ ] Unsatisfied
[ ] Not applicable

Please indicate which modules or vessels you may purchase in the next 30 days:
[ ] Warp Scrambler II
[ ] Warp Disruptor II
[ ] Stasis Webifier II
[ ] Gyrostabalizer II
[ ] Tracking Enhancer II
[ ] Ares class interceptor
[ ] Taranis class interceptor
[ ] Ishkur class assault frigate
[ ] Sabre class interdictor
[ ] Other (please specify) _____________________

Any other comments:

And so my foray into interstellar arms trading continues.


~ by paritybit on 2011/07/11.

2 Responses to “Customer appreciation day”

  1. Funny you post this because I spotted something odd yesterday.

    I vote market manipulation. Somebody bought all the Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I’s also :(.

    Looks like we will all be using Warp Scrambler I’s or pay an outrageous price for even the crappy ones.

    • I’m leaning toward market manipulation myself.

      Manipulation of T2 components corrects itself pretty quickly because people are constantly manufacturing more and placing them on the market. I say this because that’s what I did — when my sell order was purchased in one go, I simply listed more that I’d been stockpiling.

      Meta items end up on the market through a slightly different chain and may stay in a bad state for a while. They’re either purchased by traders using buy orders who will turn them around to re-list for a higher price, or stockpiled by mission runners until they have a stack large enough to bother selling. But they sort of randomly enter the game rather than through a fixed, predictable process.

      Also, warp scramblers are doing well for profit at the moment and meta warp scramblers can be used to increase the chance for successful invention — maybe somebody is getting ready for a monster invention cycle?

      Of course, I just fabricated all of this, but it makes sense to me. I’m too lazy to do real analysis.

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