Leyndarmál Verkefni

Written almost 8 months ago:

I’ve been working on a special project as part of the unveiling of Probability Directive as a humanist terrorism group. While Pian Shu has had Recon V for some time, I have only recently completed training Amarr Cruiser V. Last week I purchased and fit a Pilgrim for special works in low-security space and potentially for forays into null-security space.

Obviously I haven’t spent much time in the ship. Sadly, Leyndarmál Verkefni (Icelandic meaning Secret Project) has been misused as a transport for a couple of cargo runs. I’m in the process of whipping her and her crew back into shape for some special projects.

I know the theory of the Pilgrim — I just have no experience translating the thinking into acting. A Pilgrim has a very specific niche. It is good at stalking and subsequently engaging turret-based platforms which rely on capacitor to fuel their active tank or apply damage. Depending on pilot skills (both the hunter and the hunted), sometimes targets outside this niche can be successfully engaged. While a lone Zealot would be a good target, a Drake is the antithesis of a suitable prey. The problem is, you don’t find Zealots alone very often.

My dilemma with the Pilgrim lies in the complete disagreement among pilots regarding how to appropriately fit the ship. Eight months ago I decided on a bit of an unorthodox fit. Looking at the fit now I ponder changing it. While mechanics around the ship and fitting haven’t changed in that time, my experience has grown. For now, I’m going to stick with the original fit. I suppose time will tell whether my decision was right or not.

For security’s sake I’m going to keep the fit under wraps. If my secret project is successful, I will share the fit; if not, the fit will end up on a killboard. I suppose that either way, it won’t remain secret forever.


~ by paritybit on 2011/07/03.

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