Portrait of a Revolutionary

With the advent of Incursion, pilots have been given the gift of a modern avatar. I feel silly explaining it again after so many other bloggers have already given their take on the subject — but pictures need context. So here we are with all this fancy technology for avatar creation and a horde of comic book head-and-shoulders mugshots to modernize.

I’ve spent far too much time playing, as our alliance leadership has taken to calling it, Spaceship Barbies. I’m not really sure why new avatars made me this happy. But they did, and I guess I don’t care why. Happy is happy.

The new paritybit is stoic and grim, just as the old paritybit — but the look is completely updated and he looks like he could be a real person rather than a cartoon.

The new Pian Shu doesn’t suffer from “Achura ugly syndrome” as all Achuran men did before the update.

And, there are always the nameless soldiers who support the cause — even these tireless warriors need an update.

~ by paritybit on 2011/01/20.

5 Responses to “Portrait of a Revolutionary”

  1. NIce job on parity, he really looks like the same guy! That isn’t as easy in the update as I thought it would be, but in the end it didn’t really matter since the new stuff is so far superior. I agree though, for some odd reason it made me happy. Heck, I’ve been making and killing alts all week just to keep trying new stuff.

    • Thanks. I’ve actually redone him a little as I didn’t want him to look so old. I think the beard was the only way to prevent him from looking like every other Amarr character (with the stupid chin and lips — they’re pretty distinctive).

  2. Welcome to the EVE Blog Pack. If you could write a little something about it, I’d appreciate! Cheers!

  3. Always meant to comment on how good the new Parity looks. Metallic head-cap looks great. Logan still has one customization left, but haven’t had the time to finish him off.

    Early congrats on the blog pack.

    • Thanks. I worked hard to make him look different from other Amarr characters (which is terribly difficult!). Thanks for the congratulations, but I keep wondering how I made the pack. I guess it’s time to step up my game.

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