Primae Noctis

The title refers not to the medieval tradition [that was unlikely] practiced by lords of old [or anyone for that matter], but to the enterprising pioneers braving null-security space to be one of the first of New Eden’s pilots to own a Noctis blueprint. These brave pilgrims travel to Outer Ring in order to claim their place among the honored podded.

As you can see from the Rote Kapelle killboard, industrialists and mission runners are not the only parties benefiting from the new ship.  Though the 3KNK-A summary page is far from complete, it shows a good sampling of the chaos there. It appears that most pilots are being caught on their way to Outer Ring; unfortunately for this pilot, some are being caught on the way back home.


Vultures seeking to exploit profiteers.

While 3KNK-A isn’t the only system seeing trouble (note it’s second on Dotlan’s list of most violent systems with 4C-B7X at the top), it has the notable distinction of being very close to Rote Kapelle’s home — and therefore, very dangerous.

The blueprints are selling at an NPC price of 390 million isk; they’re being re-sold in Jita by the lucky few who make it past the predators for 450 million. At the end of the day, I wonder why pilots would go through all this trouble to make a small profit of 60 million isk each. There certainly seem to be much safer ways to make that isk, and they won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been subject to [dubiously existent] Primae Noctis.

Note: EVE Illectrocuted has a perspective from the other side.


~ by paritybit on 2010/11/30.

3 Responses to “Primae Noctis”

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  2. The only reason I would do it is for fun. And I would have to be able to easily afford to lose that much ISK for it to be fun. Yeah, not so much.

  3. […] Privateer posted her account of the situation in 4C-B7X from a outside point of view. I posted an observer’s point of view from kill records and alliance chatter. Illectro at EVE Illectrocuted posted his observations as a […]

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