Wasted ethics

Euphoric. These pilots were elated. We had just destroyed two ORE Covetor class ships sending two non-combatant pod pilots back to their clone vats and slaughtering untold numbers of crew in the process. We left the crew’s escape pods to fend for themselves. And my fellow pilots chattered as if this was the most enjoyable experience of their lives.

Rote Kapelle pilots advancing through space.

Keeping my opinion to myself, I tried to pull up the official combat record. I hoped that I wouldn’t appear on any record other than their defense detail, a single Caldari Drake. I tried to console myself with the fact that I’d only been following orders. The quickest way to die in this lawless waste of space was to stop following orders, and so when the order came I didn’t hesitate to launch the warp disruption probe.

Finally the combat record was successfully retrieved and flashed up in the virtual space created by my implants. My heart sank as I noted that my ship’s details were attached to the record of one of the two Covetors in addition to the Drake.

I take comfort that my actions were not directed at the Covetor, rather they were an unfortunate side effect — though that comfort is spartan. I hope that this will be the first and last such blemish on my record.

Note: As a rule, I don’t directly engage mining ships; but orders are orders and I wasn’t going to hold a bubble for that. I did hold back any offensive weaponry.

~ by paritybit on 2010/11/24.

4 Responses to “Wasted ethics”

  1. I’m intrigued. I stopped thinking about ethics shortly before I started piling up frozen corpses in my hangar. Looking at my can be killed by list it seems I killed more than a dozen pilots that didn’t manage to react to my aggression in any way. Maybe I should reconsider my target selection. But maybe that’s just because my wallet is quite bulky at the moment.

    • Ethics apply largely only to my character’s persona in-game. It’s an artistic outlet and a way for me to add enjoyment to mindlessly piling up killmails.

      I used to be quite certain that non-consensual PvP was wrong and nobody should force that on another. Then I got over it, realized this was a game and started having fun. But there are still boundaries I won’t cross — not because it’s right or wrong in any real-world sense, but because it’s sometimes a challenge to avoid crossing them. Haulers, freighters, etc. are not on my no-kill list.

      I still don’t understand this absolute desire to cause “tears” and “rage” in other players. But whatever floats your boat I guess.

      • I was talking about my in char too, but honestly I can’t make my char behave outside of my real persona’s ethic boundaries. Even as victims we enjoy non-consensual PVP in a way because it adds a lot of thrill and atmosphere to a rather technical game. So it’s absolutely ok for us and fun to attack and destroy any player ship — which we certainly attempt to do. So no ethics here. Just a game.
        But sometimes all of a sudden ethics matter because you’re interacting with a person behind the char. That’s where I can’t cross certain lines. Then I’m not in a game anymore.

  2. Gyges was a shepherd who chanced upon a ring of invisibility. When he put it on, he could do anything and not get caught. Now did the ring make him evil, or was he evil to begin with, and the ring just allowed him to express it?


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