Probability Directive charter and manifesto

It has become clear, to those with the will to truly see what they observe, that the course of human events now flows through a cavern of suffering and death in the name of amusement and wealth. This course is charted not by the many, but by the few who have been given a gift of power. These few lead humanity into a dark age where trust and empathy do not exist. This course must be altered before the channel is cut so deeply that change is no longer possible.

The leaders of humanity have been given the power to bestow gifts upon their citizens. These, the twin gifts, are the hydrostatic capsule and cloning technology. These simple gifts of technology bestow a power previously unknown to humanity. The four empires, Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar and Amarr, have set the course by giving these gifts to those undeserving or unready. No capsuleer rises but in the service of an empire. However short a capsuleer’s service might be, the catalyst for his creation was an empire.

Capsuleers are the plague. But the empires have knowingly created and unleashed this plague. And those empires continue to facilitate its spread. Those with power do nothing to treat the symptoms or combat the cause. Already the myth of ‘Capsuleer Dementia’ infects New Eden’s populace. This fiction attempts to excuse capsuleers’ immorality. But capsuleers are not freed from our humanity and its tightly bound morality by the fact of our transcendance. We are human. We must act human. We must be judged as human.

Those who see have a mandate to alter the course which has been laid before us. To that end, our responsibilities are encapsulated by this manifesto.

We must reject, as false, the claims that capsuleers are not subject to human morality.

We must reject opportunism that trades human life for amusement or monetary gain where those who lose their lives have no stake in the gain.

We must reject the empires and those who serve them; these vermin freely trade human life for the illusion of glory in a never-ending shadow war.

We must reject capsuleer empires who would carve out their own space and restrict others from even traveling through their jump gates — gates that belong to all of humanity.

The Probability Directive was formed for one purpose: to re-chart the course of human events and prevent the dark age. To this end we act to reduce the influence of the empires who gave rise to this plague. We pledge to restore humanity to those capsuleers who have lost it and destroy those who cannot be reclaimed. We aid those who understand these truths.

Verified Signature Pian Shu

Verified Signature Johnny Peace

Verified Signature paritybit

~ by paritybit on 2010/10/03.

20 Responses to “Probability Directive charter and manifesto”

  1. *signed

  2. As for me and my house we are more than Human, our morality comes from within and is not confined by the mortality of lesser beings. I have no taste for the Empire’s of Man, but I must reject your attempt to lower me to their level – a base, violent and ultimately doomed path that has run its course. Capsuleers are not the plague but the salvation of the Universe. My gates belong to me and you jump them at your own peril.

    • You were created by humanity. Yet, now you think yourself above humanity. You shall fall, and your fall will be made greater by your hubris.

      You cannot truly think yourself less violent than humanity; you yourself have been the direct cause for millions of lost lives. If humanity is base and violent, what are you?

      You pretend to own space which cannot be owned. You destroy lives in the name of your ‘house’; a house responsible for more death and misery than the whole of the Gurista armada. ‘Your’ house, ‘your’ space. All will be brought low in due course.

    • The Jovians saw themselves as more then human, and left their humanity behind… learn their lessons fool, or be doomed to repeat them.

  3. I haven’t left my humanity behind as the Jovian did, I have embraced my humanity as more than human. I am immortal and cannot be brought down. My “fall” is a hollow threat echoing throughout the universe, for I cannot fall. Humans are base and violent, I am justice incarnate. I live and cannot be made otherwise, my eternal justice severs the chaff and through my fire the strong survive. In an age without fear, without conflict, the weak prosper. The Capsuleer is the lion of the universe, destroying the forest so that new seed can be sown. We are a force of nature and cannot be denied.

    I cannot own space? Them come and take it.

  4. {btw – thanks, I’ve never written anything in character before and was hoping you’d pick up on it. i have to say Rixx is sounding a bit like an arrogant dick right now, but you did kinda piss him off with all that anti-capsuleer stuff. but i’m enjoying it. }

    • Heh. I was pretty sure the real you didn’t think you were more than human and the salvation of the universe, so it was pretty easy to pick up. 😉

      Honestly, if you take what any capsuleer writes and put it in context, we pretty much all sound like dicks. This manifesto is pretty much justifying war (terrorism?) against every other capsuleer and empire in New Eden. That’s a pretty dick move. But it’s going to be fun, right?

  5. The idea that your gates belong to you is laughable. You guard them or fail to so; you do not control who or when they allow people to jump in or out of the space you so small mindfully claim. Your sole claim to the system is a small marker in the upper left corner of your Concord enforced overhead marking the sov as yours, but who do you really pay? You are simply renting the space from the exact governments you are supposedly working to escape. Maybe you don’t pay directly the bills required by CONCORD, but someone there does, and because of that their hold over you is unquestionable.

    So CONCORD renter, how do you own that space again? You don’t control the gates, you pay to live there without a chance to ever truly buy-out the infinite contract. I may not agree with the drivel that I am, we are, some kind of plague but that does not mean you are the true owner of anything but the ship you pilot from and even that link is tenuous.

  6. To be human is to be mortal. the day you embraced immortality you began to lose touch with all that makes a human, human. The ability to enjoy and embrace life with the knowledge that it must someday end.

  7. Humanity lost? I think your will is shaping what you see. I choose to keep the same unique physical appearance clone after clone. Even if some consider my face hideous and misshapen it is just as much a mark of my signature as the conscience that travels with it from clone to clone. Just as I choose not to live in space nor serve any one empire. I am content on my planet side house of wood. Limiting technology to aid my life even if I can live forever, what good is that if I have no feeling for life?

    Rather than inflate myself to that of a god to consider what I survey mine to command. I choose to consider myself a constant in space. Much like these gates and systems you believe you own as an act of independence from the empires. I have become an element of space present and constant like the gates. I may die at these gates and in these systems but I appear and return much as the systems and gates themselves remain when independence is replaced by malevolence.

    Still it is my compassion and humility that decide if I am an asteroid or a sun. It is my spark for life and the act of living it forever that defines me. These are not qualities found in the gates and systems, rather the strength of one’s humanity at work. It is the same for those that become too much like the machine loose this and spiral in an endless circle of destruction. The quest for power and strength consumes them like any human. Just as many feel only greed and ego as they amass vast sums of wealth at the cost of making another struggle. These human qualities are not shadows but rather the essence of what remains of our mortal lives.

    I am a part of space now and together we shall drift and be weathering any mood, empire, independence, or malevolence. So shall us all until we decide to accept the true death and lay aside our humanity.

  8. Humanity is weakness. Capsuleers are challenged to be greater than anything in this universe.

    Empathy will not bolster the ranks.
    Pity will not win wars.
    Foolish actions will bring utter descruction.

    • Challenged by who? Or by what? Humanity is what makes us possible. Without humanity who would crew your ships? Without humanity who would maintain the stations you dock in? Without humanity what would be your purpose?

      We are human. We are humanity’s hope. Many of us have dismissed this reality in a fit of rage or burst of laughter. We have a chance to be something better; instead, most have become something worse.

      The empires have not created us to replace themselves; they have created us because we are their best hope. But they do not see what they have truly created. I do. I see those who I am disgusted to call my peers, and I will pull back the curtain to show humanity what their best hope truly looks like.

  9. We aren’t immortal, just bloody hard to kill. Our ships crumple around us, and pods are targeted by our vengeful brothers and sisters, and out bodies die, but at the last moment that which we believe makes the human is ripped from the body, and placed in a new body. We can be killed, we ARE killed, we simply are given second chances until someone stops cloning us, and sooner or later, the day will come when our mortality will catch up with us, and we will die.
    The genie is out of the bottle, and we believe ourselves to no longer be mortal, but we will be remembered for our sins, and we will be condemned.

  10. Bah. I believe you all to be weak and far to human minded for your own good. I am indeed human and yet more so. The one great fear has been lifted like a veil from my eyes and I can see clearly now, the pain is gone. Embrace your natures and rise above your humanity. I spit on the implication that being “human” is some divine and glorious thing to be cherished, that is not born out by the annuals of history and the bloody carnage our humanity has wrought. From wence does this claim stem? What proof do you offer? Only the silence of the grave, eternal and written in the blood of our ancestors.

    Being human means being an animal. And I choose to be more.

  11. Humans continue to do what humans have always done. We ARE human; however our immortality lets us die over and over again, increasing our desensitization to death. Some of us treat regular humans with respect borne of shared histories, while others do not. Some of us act within the law, while others do not. As it has always been, this is simply personal choice and no more and no less than any other human variant.

    • Yes. The difference is the power. The difference is in the illusion of immortality. This difference bends, twists and breaks the morality of many capsuleers.

      This mutilation of our morality is the problem.

  12. Only if we accept your assertion that a “problem” exists. I don’t believe that is even remotely close to the truth. The truth is that Capsuleers are nothing more than an extension of humanity, a progressive step along our history – as violent and full of variety as humans have ever been. Your rail is nothing more than a rail against being human in the first place, you despise that which is your own nature and choose to point at Capsuleers, as if we alone originated that nature. We did not. To your own argument be true, you can’t have it both ways. You say that Capsuleers are human and yet they need to be destroyed, then why not destroy the entire human race for the same crimes? A suggestion as ludicrous as it is simplistic.

    I became a Capsuleer to fly among the stars, to seek my fortune and forge my own personal destiny. Others choose to follow their own path, some I agree with and some I do not. But neither choice makes me wish for the destruction of the entire race. In the end the question isn’t wether Capsuleers are human or more than human, the question really is – what’s the difference?

    • You have misinterpreted. Capsuleers are not the problem. Immoral, corrupt and sociopathic capsuleers are the problem. Capsuleers are not excused from morality and humanity simply because they are capsuleers. In fact, I would suggest that capsuleers must be more tightly bound to morality.

      Look around you. The truths I speak of are plain to see. Watch your fellow capsuleers in their daily activities. Snuff out a few thousand human lives here, a few thousand there. Put a ship at risk with no regard for the crew knowing that, at worst, the capsuleer will be reborn in a clone vat when the ship is destroyed — and do this for amusement.

      I start by cleansing the capsuleer ranks because the potential for destruction is much greater given the power at our disposal and freedom from fear that the capsule and clone provide us.

  13. write moar!

  14. […] paritybit is no better. But at least paritybit understands that when he violates human morality it is to serve the cause of humanity. The empires, the criminals, the opportunists, they all must fall for humanity to thrive – […]

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