Capsuleers, crew and morality

Last night Seismic Stan and I got into a friendly debate about whether a capsuleer’s ship required crew. We went back and forth linking this resource and that until I couldn’t think straight anymore and had to go to sleep. Today I find that he’s written an excellent article over at Freebooted about this very subject — apparently he became obsessed and spent the night researching the topic.

On a related subject (and on a similar note to my last in-character post) Aria Jenneth has started an interesting (in-character) discussion about capsuleer morality on the EVE Online forums. Since I’d been thinking about the subject recently, I’ve added Pian Shu’s opinions.


~ by paritybit on 2010/09/15.

2 Responses to “Capsuleers, crew and morality”

  1. Yeah, there I was, quite happily having an unfounded opinion and along comes Parity with his new fangled ideas about facts and evidence and stuff. Cost me a night’s sleep it did.

  2. Rixx Javix pokes parity in the ribs.

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