CCP back from vacation

CCP Zulu has put out a short and almost pointless developer blog at While I’m not a huge fan of the developer blog, which is primarily a heads up that we’ll see some interesting developer blogs next week, I am a fan of CCP Oveur’s commentary in the discussion thread.

I’m not conceited enough to believe there are people who read my blog but not the developer blog, but I do want to make sure if those people aren’t reading the discussion thread they at least get the highlights.  The discussion is actually much more informative than the blog. Here’s my favorite response from CCP Oveur on the discussion thread (emphasis added by me):

No coincidence. Happened something like this.

Dude: “Hey, since we’re focusing more on lag, maybe we should tell everyone about it as well so they see the progress and what we’re thinking”

Me: “What, you serious? I don’t understand half of that ****, you think 350 thousand EVE players will be interested in semahors?”

Dude: “That’s semaphores Nathan. And obviously not everyone is as dense as you. I mean that in a good way.”

Dudette: “Yeah, and those that do understand can perhaps explain the stuff to others as well.”

So here we are. Tech blog bombardment. Hope you like it.

And on the 18 months, which is largely attributed to a meeting with me, which meeting minute I didn’t get to read before it was published, where I could have explained this better, is as follows.

We deliver expansions every 6 months. The winter expansion is being planned on Monday and includes improvements, fixes, content and new features, including quite a few of the stuff listed on the Evelopedia prioritized list. We also spend 20% of the time fixing stuff, as one does.

The summer expansion is planned in January and will follow the same pattern. Improvements, fixes, content and new features with 20% spent on fixing stuff.

The winter expansion in 2011, and this is where the 18 months comes is, has a major theme change. Improvements, fixes. Not so much new features. Still 20% fixing. Because from there on and for the foreseeable future, we will be improving all the stuff we already have.

That’s why I said “no new features”. Everyone is working on improving what we already got. And there is so much we already have that it’ll probably keep us busy for more than a year revisiting features.

And that’s delivered in winter 2011.

And it’s less than 18 months.

And I like to do short sentences.

I should probably turn this into a blog.

And that’s not all; he kept right on responding to positive and negative criticism alike for several pages before leaving “for dinner”.

This is a much more specific version of the general sentiment I’ve been trying to get across to any number of people who have been whining nonstop since the last developer blog that detailed resource allocation. Widespread misinterpretation has grown into a gigantic snowball. Maybe this will click on the sunshine and melt a little of that doom.

CCP Oveur stated that many fixes from the CSM backlog on Evelopedia will be coming in the next expansion. Indeed, if you read the Assembly Hall and other similar forums you’ll see that some of the fixes are already being reported by players using Sisi, the test server.

You can’t eliminate all of the doom, but these next two quotes should at least make for some laughter.

I’m in.

We’re never going to leave EVE. We’ve said that for 7 years.

We take pride in our strategy of having kept growing the EVE development team.

Everybody else moved their teams to new games. We hired entire new teams for ours while we keep hiring into EVE.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.


We. Will. Never. Leave. EVE.

Honestly. Someone saying to me that we will is the same as saying I’d leave my kids.

So now go and read the whole thread; it’s enlightening with a mix of one-liners from CCP Oveur and technical backup from CCP Explorer.

These are no ordinary, happy-fun-time bubbles; these are Northern Coalition bubbles where they go to do serious business.

~ by paritybit on 2010/08/13.

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  1. Whew.

  2. Ok parity, time to get back to blogging and commenting and stuff… you are officially missed.

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