Mysterious shuttle sighted in Khanid space

A beacon marking the location of a strange shuttle has appeared in the system of Geztic, sovereign space of the Khanid Kingdom. The shuttle orbits the beacon and, when it drifts too far away, jumps back to the beacon.

The shuttle can be seen here near the Geztic star.

Mysterious shuttle near the Geztic star.

Several capsuleers have been attempting to determine the nature of the shuttle using all manner of scanners, but so far nobody has come up with any useful information. The craft seems impervious to damage; capsuleers have theorized that the craft is somehow using the sun to recharge it’s shields — this is based on the only information we know: the shuttle contains one life sign consistent with a human in cryogenic stasis and it has a receiver that interacts with the tar’s magnetic field.

Computer analysis of the craft obtained by capsuleers on-site.

Note: Maybe this is just to catch our attention and move players to the star so we can look at CCP’s upgrades to those cosmic fixtures?

Update: We’ve been fixated on the live events lately, but I’ve been thinking about this one and I think it’s related to the landmark updates and not an event that will become interesting.

~ by paritybit on 2010/05/29.

3 Responses to “Mysterious shuttle sighted in Khanid space”

  1. Hmmm sounds interesting. CCP scores points for adding even small events and stories to KEEP things interesting.

    • After I posted this, and as I was falling asleep, I remembered that they were adding more landmarks throughout New Eden.

  2. whatever it might be it’s cool. more random stuff around the universe is a good idea and keeps things interesting.

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