Capsuleers chasing Sansha-created wormholes

CONCORD agent Haeldone Dorgiers tracked and engaged and destroyed a lone Sansha frigate in Intaki with assistance from local capsuleers; upon the frigate’s destruction a wormhole was formed in Intaki. Subsequently, Sansha invaded Ostingele; here are some images from the invasion.

CONCORD agent Haeldone Dorgiers rallies capsuleers in defense of Ostingele IV.

Sansha battleships engage capsuleer targets in low orbit over Ostingele IV.

Sansha battleship engage capsuleers near the wormhole opened in low orbit over Ostingele IV.

~ by paritybit on 2010/05/20.

2 Responses to “Capsuleers chasing Sansha-created wormholes”

  1. Got mixed up in one of these yesterday in Lust, it was pretty awesome and a lot of fun. Ended with us killing a red Chimera – not sure what the meaning behind any of it was, but I enjoyed it.

  2. Everybody is kind of struggling for meaning at this point. Essentially the Sansha are body snatching, and we don’t know what they’re going to do with those bodies, but at least some of them appear to be coming back as full capsuleers when they left as simple planet-bound men, women and children.

    I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I’ve joined Moira. a member of Rote Kapelle, and the CEO is in the middle of some of this, having been singled out by CCP probably for his RP past. He’s got more information than me, but when I know enough and am ungagged, I’ll post more.

    Rote Kapelle got war decced over some early incidents where there was shooting between players, and several of those guys (Bi-Polar Bears) engaged us which ended in the loss of my Vengeance but with me on 4 kills including a Dramiel; the fight was so jumbled, even eve-kill couldn’t make sense of it

    Edit: Rote Kapelle’s killboard has a better picture, but it doesn’t give much sense of how the engagement occured, which requires more explanation.

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