More visuals from Odatrik

Lasers, the weapon of choice for this conflict, light up the space over one of Odatrik's habitable planets.

The wormhole through which the Sansha arrived is clearly visible here.

~ by paritybit on 2010/05/15.

3 Responses to “More visuals from Odatrik”

  1. Cor. Do you have any special settings to get all the lasers to show at the same time like that, or are there just so many in the battle that it’s a light-show all the time?

    • There were at least a hundred capsuleers of various sizes there fighting close to the same number of Sansha battleships and smaller support craft. Pretty much all of my screenshots had that much laser fire (of course, I picked those that had the most).

  2. […] criminals at every turn. By comparison, the high-sec events proved to be incredibly boring, though pretty. I set out to attend as many low-sec events as I could make — and if a high-sec event […]

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