CONCORD subverted?

During a Sansha raid on Lustrevik, a CONCORD official on the scene confirmed loyalty to the Sansha Nation; records of that official have since been purged from all known data sources.

The fighting above the first planet was intense, as seen here.

A Sansha battle fleet engages capsuleer forces above Lustrevik I.

Ghost Hunter, a capsuleer belonging to the True Slave Foundations corporation, subsequently engaged a Minmatar Republic officer who had rallied the capsuleer forces against the Sansha; however, since CONCORD did not sanction attacks on this capsuleer, support was limited to remote repair and shield transfer — in the end, it was not enough.

Remote repair and shield transfer was not enough to save Republic Fleet officer Silonneri Balginia's Fleet Issue Temptest.

~ by paritybit on 2010/05/15.

2 Responses to “CONCORD subverted?”

  1. This is really cool. Nice change.

    • Thanks, but I’m not sure how long it will last. It’s fun to go to these live events, but people who only care about their kill stats and shooting other people have caught on that the low-sec events are a good place to get kills while the “role players” are busy shooting the Sanshas. I’m also not sure how steady CCP will keep the events.

      I won’t be giving up the style of posts I’ve had thus far, I’ll just be adding these when I can. I’ve been lucky so far with the number of events I’ve been around for.

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