Insulting spam

Prerequisite: This post cannot be read unless you train Sarcasm Detection to V.

Spam is nothing new to me; insulting spam is. As it turns out, this ‘reader’ thinks I provide a great read, but am inconsequential. He (she?) suffers through having my site bookmarked. Good times.

I was dialect right contented to discern this site.I wanted to thanks you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every inconsequential tittle of it and I suffer with you bookmarked to check out up to date spirit you post.

Perhaps I misunderstood?

Note: this really is an EVE blog; but because EVE is all pervasive, I consider blogging and related experiences part of the EVE experience. A real EVE blog entry is coming soon.


~ by paritybit on 2010/05/12.

3 Responses to “Insulting spam”

  1. I would say this is actually meant to be positive. It reads to me like a very bad automatic translation software spew ;).

  2. Yeah, I totally agree; I just thought I’d take it literally because that’s always more fun.

  3. Around a month ago I was getting close to 4,500 spam emails a DAY. The reasons are complicated and involve me getting all the emails with my domain name that aren’t real. Some real winners in there. I sorta wish they were real though, cause then I’d be so freakin’ rich from all the money people forget about in their bank accounts.

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