Seek and ye shall find

WordPress has a cool feature that allows a blogger to see what search terms led viewers to their blog. I thought it would be interesting to explore some of the terms people have used to get here. I suppose it’s a self-perpetuating circumstance, though, as when I publish these phrases they’ll simply reinforce this blog as a result.

The first set of search terms confused me.

eve intelligence gathering methods

Really? Curious, I ran the search myself. There I am, at the top of the second page.

There I am, master of EVE espionage.

I suppose the clicker was likely disappointed.

curatores veritatis alliance forum

I ran this search — I stopped looking after the twentieth page having not found a link to my blog. I suppose somebody looking for intelligence (since I am, you know, the expert on eve intelligence gathering methods) may have run across my site and clicked the link.

cva in providence

Well this one makes sense, at least. I’ve talked a lot about CVA and Providence since they — or more precisely, the environment CVA have created in Providence — have been a big part of my EVE experience. And there has been a lot going on there in the past few weeks.

paritybit eve blog

I’m glad this one leads to me. Though, I didn’t expect people were actually searching for me. There have been only two views of my page from this search, though.

It’s interesting to see what searches led viewers to me. By far, though, the blog banter has brought the most traffic; I guess I should have worked harder on that entry.

~ by paritybit on 2010/04/21.

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