Get off my lawn deep space safes

One of my favorite things about EVE is that it generally puts me (the ‘old’ guy with a wife, a son and a full-time job) on roughly equal footing with those kids. You know who I’m talking about. The 20-something who lives down the street in his mother’s basement, has no job and doesn’t care to look for one because he’s happy to play online all day long.  The genius who can play computer games on his laptop all through his university algorithms class and still pass with high marks. The high school student who can hop on the internet as soon as he gets home and play until dawn without tiring. Those kids.

EVE is the only massively multi-player game I played past a trial period. It is the only (released) game I’ve seen which ties advancement to actual time and not time spent in game. It’s because I felt my character was advancing at the same rate as those kids that I felt comfortable and stuck around. Sure they can spend all day long earning isk to buy the shiny ships, but at the end of the day the flash is not what wins a fight.

Keeping this feeling of equality has been my silent crusade (and one in which I am utterly powerless). So when I first read about the Poseidon Project, I was a little disturbed. It looked like yet another way to gain an advantage by spending time not even playing the game. When I get time to actually play I want to play, not spend hours manipulating slightly broken game mechanics to gain an advantage (however marginal it may have been in most cases).

CCP is about to kick those kids off their lawn. The short version is that, with the advent of the Tyrannis expansion, a pilot won’t be able to warp to any object farther from the solar system’s sun than ten astronomical units (AU) farther than the farthest celestial body. I’m still waffling about whether I like the implementation or not, but I do like that the general concept of deep safes is no more. I’m a little curious why CCP didn’t just pick a fixed solar system size limit rather than making the limit variable depending on distance of existing celestial bodies in a solar system.

The change isn’t going to be very noticeable for most of us. If you’ve got a spot now that is more than 14 AU from every celestial body (out of directional scanner range from everything) it’s probably still going to be there on May 19th; the average solar system (not all of them) is a plane, so if the farthest celestial body is 20 AU from the sun then you’ve got a dome shaped region (using very inaccurate, minimalist geometry) on top and on bottom of the 30 AU sphere which will be out of directional scanner range. I’ll leave it to one of those genius kids to do the math and tell me how much room we actually have. I’m sure somebody can work up an equation while bashing a POS.

Those of us with real lives have just won a small battle. Many more to come in the war.

Note: So I don’t get a pile of hate mail from geniuses and high school students — I don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with you kids; I just don’t want you to have some crazy advantage because you don’t have commitments.

~ by paritybit on 2010/04/12.

6 Responses to “Get off my lawn deep space safes”

  1. I’ll be durned if I ain’t one of them old codgers, but I hafta admit I kinda liked the deep safe-spots. It allowed me to shake my crotchety old fists at hostile carebears from 1500 AU outside of their own solar system.

    • I have many a rant …

      I guess I just think that if you don’t want to be seen, you should cloak and if you want your stuff to be safe, you should put it in a station. If they wanted deep space safes to be a part of the game, they would have built a mechanic around it instead of letting users exploit their way there — and to be honest, if it was a supported mechanic with a legitimate way to utilize it, I’d be okay with that.

      To steal a phrase I read on the hilarious comment thread for the blog, CCP is just putting the sand back in their sandbox (or, I suppose, deleting that sand).

  2. You made me laugh paritybit, thank you. I know exactly what you mean, being a year old is tough, what with the job, family and whatnots. It is one of the things I like best about Eve and one of the biggest reasons why I am still here.

    The ONLY thing about the deep safe thing, is all the time I spent getting them. I’ll miss those hours.

    • Glad I could make you laugh. And, the lost hours are exactly my point.

      Imagine all the effort to come up with a method of exploiting the system, then exploiting it and then whining about said exploitations being deleted (for 17 pages as of this reply). If only that effort had been channeled into something fun how much happier the world would be!

  3. Supercapitals can’t dock and are easy to steal from POS’s.

    A deep space cyno is currently the only way to guaqrantee a fair fight in the lagfest that is Sov war in Dominion. Otherwise the defenders (thos who load the grid first) are using an exploit to win. This has far more impact on the game than a bookmark way out in the middle of nowhere.

    Remove the need for deep safes and then remove them, don’t just remove them without any consultation with the playerbase.

    • If supercapitals get harder to use, I’m not terribly concerned; when I feel they are an endangered species, I’ll worry about that. At the moment they’re common enough to use in pairs with no support to gank a carrier outside a POS.

      Even deep space safes don’t change up the odds when it comes to large fleets in lag; somebody always has to load grid last. That needs fixing, but that’s not a decent justification for not fixing an exploit (that may be causing additional lag).

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